Post # 11 Scary Women

It’s an election year and for the next several weeks we’re going to be inundated with campaign ads even more than we already have been.  The tenor of this election has already been lowered, and the mud will soon by flying, on both sides of the election.  I didn’t want this to become a political blog, but with the elections and all the “rhetoric” on both sides, there are important things to say.

I’m a democrat, nor a republican.  The democrats stand for many of the things that I do, and the republicans, not so much.  For whatever reasons, the republicans seem to think that even though I pay taxes, I’m not entitled to the same rights as a citizen that they are.  Mitt Romney, about whom I have posted a couple of times, has already made clear his promise that if elected he will see to it that rather than uphold the laws of the land as the presidency requires, he will follow his own religious agenda and be the puppet for the political powers that put him in office.  But this post is not about Mitt.  It’s about the women in the republican party.  Well, really, about two in particular.  Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman.  They are two scary women.

Sarah Palin has earned the nickname Grizzly Mama.  She was once the governor of Alaska, a short lived office that became steeped in controversy both while in office, and after.  Her primary focus seems to be protecting her personal rights while denying others of theirs.  The best example of this is when she speaks about others and their families.  She believes she allowed to do this.  And she’s right.  However, when others speak about her family, she “rises in defense” and decries their right to do so.  No one is going to speak ill of her family without her bringing all her resources to bear, professional and otherwise.  She used the power of her gubernatorial office to remove a police officer from duty because he was going through a messy divorce with her sister in law.  She seemed to figure that this was okay, and it was the way things were done.  I won’t even go into the financial misdealings that are still being investigated.  But the scariest part of her persona is what has occured since she left the governor’s office and her party lost the bid for president/vice president.  Rather than try to correct any mis-steps, she has become more vocal about her infallibility, and refuses to take repsonsibility for the actions that her words bring.  Ask Levi Johnston and his family.  An unwed, teenage pregnancy that was sanctified during the run for vice-presidential office a few years ago, is now termed rape and a young man’s future is trashed.  A competitor who was placed “in the cross hairs” on Ms. Palin’s web site and later gunned down in public, is struggling to rebuild her life, and Ms. Palin says it’s not her problem how others interpret her words.  The fact that she still wants to represent America is scary.  She doesn’t represent me; has vowed never to represent me; and has vowed to make certain that I never has full rights as an American citizen.  Just because she doesn’t agree with me.  Last I checked, the fact that I was born in America guaranteed me those same rights and her approval wasn’t necessary.

Michelle Bachman is a very vocal propenent of the republican platform.  In her home district, she has spewed the hatred towards those she doesn’t approve of for years.  She has done everything in her power to influence the people who live there, and quite successfully.  She has been so successful in this endeavor that the school districts in her home county have the highest rate of teen suicide due to bullying in the country.  Her response?  Not my fault!  Those kids have problems far beyond anything I created.  She has a peculiar, vitriolic, intense form of hatred that goes far beyond a normal political ambition to the point of nearly being pyschotic.  Her latest bid is to get congress to investigate any person in office who might have ties to Muslims.  Because if they have ties to Muslims, then they are obviously in a position to be influenced by Muslims and their agenda of terrorism.  She’s taken a page right out of Joe McCarthy’s book, and is dangerously approaching Adolf Hilter’s brand of patriotism.

It’s just scary to see that these two women are so driven by ambition and hatred that they either can’t or won’t see the real impact they are having on this country.  I can’t call them ladies because they aren’t behaving like ladies.


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