Post # 8 Romney’s Pledge

Does anyone remember when all the GOP candidates were stumping for party votes so they could be the front runner and hopefully gain the party’s nomination?  It seemed at one point there were a dozen men and women all competing for the nomination.  In order to capture more votes, several of the GOP candidates signed a pledge with the National Organization for Marriage, NOM.  The pledge stated, in part, that the candidates support an amendment to the Constitution banning same-sex marriage; to back repealing marriage laws in the District of Columbia; and to launch a presidential commission to investigate NOM’s opponents for harassment.

As hate-filled and horrendous as most of the pledge is, the clause that worries me most is the one requiring a presidential commission.  There are several reasons why this bothers me.  First, how dare they dictate to President of the United States what to do?!  What kind of hubris does it take for a group to believe that they have the right and the power to tell anyone what to do, much less the leader of the Free World?  That kind of arrogance makes my blood boil.  Yet Mr. Romney signed the pledge and put himself voluntarily under this kind of control.

Second, the clause dictates that the President use his executive powers for a personal reason.  Sounds like a conflict of interest to me.

Third, the clause dictates that the President use his executive powers for personal reasons to protect the people “who put him into office” by unfairly and probably illegally investigating any person or group that opposes the NOM.  What stops NOM from telling the President exactly who they want investigated?  It’s McCarthyism come back to haunt us.

And Mr. Romney and the majority of the GOP candidates all voluntarily and with eyes wide open signed the pledge.  The promised to oppose same-sex marriage, and I’m okay with that because people can have differing opinions.  But they also signed to become the puppets of NOM.  Their signatures, verifiably and legally are on that document where they promise to do what the NOM tells them to do!  Supposedly, they read what they signed and understood it.  How many times have we all heard “never sign unless you’ve read, and if you don’t understand ask questions”?

This is the calibre of man who wants to lead the country.  He’s a man who’s willing to sign away his dignity and free will to gain what he wants.  Now let’s suppose he decides not to follow through with any of those promises in the pledge.  First, can NOM sue since he signed the pledge?  It’s a valid question for better legal minds than mine.  Second, if he chooses to break the pledge, then he becomes a man who willingly lies to get what he wants.  It doesn’t matter that many others signed, as well.  He’s the one that’s going to be held to it, if he’s elected.  And there were a few GOP candidates who refused to sign, and kept their morals and dignity.

So really is he the kind of man that anyone would want in office for dogcatcher much less President?

Many people have forgotten the pledge because it happened so long ago, in political time.  I want to make sure that no one forgets because it highlights his character so well.

Peace out!


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