Post # 5 I Know I Should Be Scared

I know I should be scared because recently the Southern Baptist Convention just elected a new president.  Rev. Fred Luter is a southern baptist all the way.  His preaching and his rhetoric all point to his non-acceptance of our gay lifestyle.  The SBC has already adopted the policy that “Gay Rights is Not Civil Rights.”   So I should be bothered, angry, scared, defiant, all of those things and a whole lot more.

Instead, I’m hopeful.  I’m positive.  I’m looking forward to the future.  Strange, huh?  Here’s a group opposed to me and my existence who’ve just elected a man to lead them who typifies everything they stand for.  And I’m grinning.

The Southern Baptist Convention has been around for decades.  It’s the largest collection of protestant leaders in the U.S.  Maybe even the world.  They’re very strict, very forceful, and very influential.  They are also very white.  And for the first time in their history, they’ve elected a black man to lead them.

That wouldn’t have happened just a few short years ago.  That means they’ve evolved.  They’ve grown.  They’ve matured.  They’ve learned to accept.  They’ve become better people.  They’ve become more broadminded.  Not very long ago, all this would have been unheard of.  Today it’s a reality.

So, I know I should be wary.  I know I should be cautious.  But I’m not.  Right now, I’m just happy that there is proof that change can occur, in my lifetime, in something as unchangeable as the SBC.


One thought on “Post # 5 I Know I Should Be Scared

  1. Very good blog and good of you to look at it in a positive way; that people do change. For I see a gay southern baptist will be leading one day. God loves all of us. I also see a beautiful rainbow in the making.

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