Post # 3 – Bully for Romney

The GOP (Grand Old Party, ie, the Republicans) are expected to put Mitt Romney up as their candidate for this election.  Anything can happen in an election year so until the deed is done, there’s always a chance for someone else.  But it’s not likely.  Mitt has a lot going for him with the backing of the GOP and with most of the religious right for him.  He’s a Mormon which finds many of the more conservative religious groups wavering.  But lacking any other real candidate, it’s hard to say what impact that could have.

He’s got a strong political background, having been Governor of Massachusetts.  Fortunately, he has a long political background that we can use to extrapolate to his possible presidency.  There’s not doubt that he’s qualified for the job.  There’s no doubt that he knows how to be successful at the job to accomplish his agenda, or the agenda for whatever political backing he has.  But what about the man himself?  There are two incidents that have occured in his past that show him to be a bully and not really a leader.  The first happened when he was in prep school, and the second happened while he was governor.

Everyone’s heard of the incident in prep school.  He was on the football team and was proven to be a leader both on the field and off.  There was another young man that Mitt didn’t approve of.  This young man had long hair, and Mitt decided it was wrong.  Mitt characterized this young man as effeminate, and probably gay.  So Mitt led a charge of football players to assault this young man, hold him down, humilate him, and cut his hair to Mitt’s standards.  Despite the pleas of the young man, Mitt took it upon himself to force him to conform to what Mitt had decided was the norm.  With no regard to what anyone else was feeling, he led his teammates to carry out his own desires.  Sadly, we may never know how the victim felt because he passed away a couple of years ago, and to my knowledge, he left nothing behind that explains what he went through.  Mitt?  Well, his take on it is that he doesn’t remember the incident, and if it happened, well, boys will be boys and it was a childish prank.  Except Mitt was a senior, well beyong the “boys will be boys” stage, and plenty old enough to know right from wrong, and plenty old enough to know how to consider other people’s feelings.  He simply either chose not to, or just didn’t get it.  And now he wants to lead our country.

The second incident occured while he was still working for the people of MA.  In 2006, while Mitt was still governor, he blocked the publication of a state sponsered guide about bullying.  People object to the words “transgender” and “bisexual”.  Mitt and his staff stated the reason was because it was too long and needed to be reviewed, but an email from the Dept of Public Health (DPH) showed that the reason was because DPH could not be associated with the wording in the guide.  A high-ranking DPH officer stated that they had been working closely with Mitt’s office on the publication and that it was now blocked.  Mitt was distancing himself from that cause because he was about to embark on a campaign for presidency in 2008.  So basically, he chose to protect his career to the detriment of school children.  (source below)

The guide was published after Mitt left office by his successor.

This is a man who wants to lead our country.  He’s shown himself to be a bully.  He’s shown that he doesn’t care to understand anyone who’s different from himself.  He’s shown that he will throw anyone under the bus to further his agenda.  He’s shown that he has basic internal structures that will not allow him to represent all the people of the United States.  I won’t even go into his campaign and the things he’s done to get where he is.  But this is not a man worth of the highest office.   I’m sure he’s a great guy.  I don’t think he kicks puppies, or pulls wings off of flys.  I also don’t think he should be president, particularly now when global economics is fragile and countries are fighting for limited resources.

Peace Out!


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